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The Next Step


The Pre-consult

The pre-consult is a working session that brings together your key stakeholders and our best facilitators. Its purpose is to engage your team and define the unique challenges that must be resolved to achieve the desired outcome. It quickly maps out your unique situation and specific next steps for consideration.

How it Works

Contact us for a preliminary conversation. We are interested in hearing about your�situation and we can discuss what might be done about it.� If it makes sense, and there was a good fit, then we could schedule a complimentary 1.5 hour pre-consult - a working session with 2 or 3 of your key internal stakeholders most involved and familiar with the situation under consideration.

The Simplex Methodology

Using our proven methodology, one of our senior facilitators would then conduct a highly productive and engaging pre-consult session with your team. Relevant facts and challenges are discussed and opportunities are defined. On completion, the results are fully documented and if appropriate, provided to you along with a proposed implementation plan. All of this is at no charge.


You will then be more informed. You will have perspective. You will know more about your internal situation and what can be done about it. You will be in a position to do nothing, or choose an action plan that will fully engage your internal team and successfully implement change now.