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What exactly does Basadur Health do?

Basadur Health provides a practical consultative, planning and management service to help health care clients implement operational change required to reduce wait times.

What is Simplex?

Simplex is a well established methodology for creative problem solving. It is widely used by thousands of professionals around the world in hundreds of professions and applications.

Is Basadur Health qualified to work in health care?

Yes. Our focus is on the administrative process that exists between medical decisions and activity. The Simplex process can be effectively applied to virtually any subject.  In addition our team members have higher education credentials including PhD, BA Sc, MBA and P.Eng.

How long will a project take?

On average, projects can be completed in 4 months.

What kind of metrics can be tracked?

Custom metrics are uniquely established for each project. It is essential that these metrics be trackable and relevant key performance indicators.

How can I get my professional teams to work better together and buy into change?

Our facilitative process virtually guarantees that your interdisciplinary professionals will successfully collaborate and work productively to successfully implement change and achieve results.

How can I get my clinic to reduce wait time?

Consider booking a complimentary pre-consult with Basadur Health to map out key challenges and an action plan to address them!

What does patient experience mean?

The point of view and experience of a patient, as had when dealing with a health care provider.

Who will work on my project?

Our founders and most senior staff will be directly involved in your project.

Can Basadur Health work with clients outside of Ontario Canada?

Yes. In all of our projects we respect and account for unique regional factors such as regulatory jurisdiction and other realities. With regard to travel, we balance travel and face to face meetings with telecommunications based meetings.  We physically meet for key sessions and we meet online other times. This allows us to respond more quickly and effectively to support requests and keep travel expense budgets under control.

How much will a project cost?

Prices vary proportional to the scope of the project. Our complimentary pre-consult session will precisely map the budget of any project under consideration.

Why should I choose to work with Basadur Health?

Because we will deliver the results you seek. We are deeply committed, professional and fun to work with!

Who can I speak with to find out more about Basadur Health?

Send an email to and we will be pleased to contact you to discuss your unique situation and requirements.